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Dark Horse Comics

Butcher of Paris  *New Title*   
Crone  *New Title*   
Disney Frozen: True Treasure  *New Title*   
Dragon Age: Blue Wraith  *New Title*   
Elfquest: Stargazer's Hunt  *New Title*   
Everything  *New Title*   
Frankenstein: Undone  *New Title*   
Gamma  *New Title*   
Grendel: Devils Odyssey  *New Title*   
Hellboy Winter Special 2019  *New Title*   
Invisible Kingdom  *New Title*   
Kill Whitey Donovan  *New Title*   
Last Stop On The Red Line  *New Title*   
Little Mermaid  *New Title*   
Mystery Science Theater 3000  *New Title*   
Ruby Falls  *New Title*   
Seeds  *New Title*   
Spell On Wheels 2  *New Title*   
Steeple  *New Title*   
Stranger Things: Into The Fire  *New Title*   
Triage  *New Title*