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Dynamite Entertainment

Army of Darkness / Bubba Hotep  *New Title*   
Barbarella / Dejah Thoris  *New Title*   
Battlestar Galactica Classic  *New Title*   
Bettie Page: Unbound  *New Title*   
Crackdown  *New Title*   
Elvira: Shape of Elvira  *New Title*   
James Bond 007  *New Title*   
James Bond: Origin  *New Title*   
Kiss: The End  *New Title*   
Miss Fury: Joy Division  *New Title*   
Obey Me  *New Title*   
Red Sonja    
Six Million Dollar Man  *New Title*   
Thunderbolt  *New Title*   
Turok  *New Title*   
Vampirella  *New Title*   
Vampirella: Roses For Dead  *New Title*   
Warlord of Mars Attacks  *New Title*   
Xena: Warrior Princess  *New Title*