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Lola XOXO Vol. 3 #5

Lola XOXO Vol. 3 #5

Lola XOXO Vol. 3 #5

(W) Siya Oum (A/CA) Siya Oum

It's mayhem in The Wasteland as Siya Oum's best-selling Lola XOXO has reached its pivotal third volume!

Now is the time to act-no more waiting around! Following the tragic loss of yet another person close to Lola, the titular heroine leads the resistance movement on a suicide mission to storm The Divide-no matter the cost!

Superstar creator Siya Oum provides a thrilling adventure with her riveting story and gorgeous illustrations for this climactic Lola XOXO Volume 3!

November 13th 2019

Online Price: 3.20
Subscriber Price: 2.30