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Tales of Sophistication #1 (one-shot)

Berserker Unbound #1

Berserker Unbound #1

(W) Dave Sim (A) Dave Sim, Gustave Dore (CA) Benjamin Hobbs

"Cerebus on Strike" continues! The Legend of the Iron Manticore starts here! Guest appearance by Batvark who reveals little-known facts about his origin! Batvark does a cover version of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" on YouTube to try and catch up. The Iron Manticore performs at the halftime show at the Super Bowl! The Un-Beddable Vark releases his rocking theme song as do Kanye West and Taylor Swift! All crash and burn!

The Iron Manticore is fast-tracked for sainthood by the Vatican! Iron Manticore uses an unprintable homophobic slur! To be continued!

August 28th 2019

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