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How to set up a comics subscription

So, you want to start a subscription with us? That's great! We have three types of subscriptions that you can choose from.

Note: If you would like your comics bagged and boarded, check the supply section.

Monthly Subscription
Graphic Novel Subscription

Monthly Subscription

To set up a monthly subscription, you require a minimum of three separate titles added as ongoing. To do this all you have to do is find a title you would like to receive all issues for (for example Thunderbolts). Add the most recent issue to your basket, making sure you tick the 'Add to Subscription' box before you do so. You need to do this with a minimum of three separate titles - Example: Thunderbolts, Batman and Saga.

At the checkout please make sure to select 'Credit/Debit Card' as your payment method as this is when we collect your payment details. You will only need to do this once, as once we have your details on file we can take payment when processing your order.

We will then go through your order and a member of our little team will set up your account. You will then receive an e-mail, with your new subscription number and explaining how the subscription service works and details pertaining to the many ways you can personalise your subscription.

Once you are set up you can add as many titles or single issues as you like to your subscription. We will only add a title ongoing to your subscription if you tick 'Add to Subscription' on the product page, if you don't tick this box we will just file the individual issue for you.

When you checkout on future orders select 'Adding to Subscription' as the payment details unless you need to update which card we charge.

Monthly subscriptions come with multiple shipping offered -- Monthly, fortnightly or weekly. Shipping costs are details on our terms and conditions.

Mini Subscription

A mini subscription works similar to a monthly subscription except you only need a minimum of 1 ongoing title. If there is a particular run of a comic that you would like to read all of, a mini subscription is just for you!

Mini Subscriptions follow the same rules as monthly subscriptions except they ship out weekly. If you have subscribed to a title that only has 6 issues, upon processing the final issue you will receive an e-mail from a member of our team letting you know that the title has come to an end. You will then be given the option to keep your mini subscription active by subscribing to another title, or cancel it.

Graphic Novel Subscription

A Graphic Novel Subscription is something new we have been working on for the past few months.

As Graphic Novels are often solicited 4 - 6 month ahead, this can make pre-ordering difficult. Thus if you wish to set up a Graphic Novel Subscription, all you have to do is pick 2 - 4 upcoming Graphic Novels from the Advance Order section of our website and order them as you normally would.

At the checkout, in the Subscription Number box, simply type in Graphic Novel Subscription. When this order reaches us we will set you up with a subscription as normal, for the chosen Graphic Novels. Your subscription will remain active until you no longer have any outstanding Graphic Novel requests. We do advise that you add a new Graphic Novel ever few months.

You can also subscribe to a Graphic Novel! That's right, if you wish to receive all volumes of The Walking Dead or Saga, all volumes of the DC Graphic Novel Collection, the Marvel Graphic Novel Collection, Marvel's Mightiest Heroes or any other ongoing run of Graphic Novels, simply e-mail us and let us know.